A very brief history


Conekt is a family business founded by Seamus Mulligan in 2004, following an international career with Bachelors, Wiggins Teape, Pfizer and Adams (Cadbury) in consumer marketing. Over a decade ago, Seamus recognised the need for major and start up brands to outsource their sales and distribution ambitions in order to more profitably grow market share.

Our business name, Conekt sums up our belief that trade and brand relationships are inextricably linked, in mutual pursuit of improved profitability. Conekt’s mission is to cost effectively grow brand value and retailer share of market through a relentless focus on achieving brand ubiquity. “My own success in brand development is due almost entirely to relationships I built with retailers over the past twenty years. It helps that we’re a business built on family values and connections, if for no other reason than my family depends on its success!”

Our success is almost totally due to referrals.

Our Team

” In essence, the formula for driving brand advocacy is simple: if you want people to talk about what you do,give them something remarkable to talk about ”

“People and relationships built our business. Get us working on yours”

Professional – highly skilled and trained sales team
Knowledge – extensive local trade knowledge
Accessibility – available any time
Training – on going on the job training
Understand the brief – know what is required
Motivated team – great brand advocates
Regular structured feedback – daily
Regular reviews – Team meeting each cycle

Expertise in the Irish market
A real passion for your products
Excellent data storage and KPI production facility
Excellent relationships with wholesalers and
buying groups
Refined accurate call database
A secure, high quality process
Cost effective and flexible

Our People, Your Sales Force

We’ve recruited the very best so you don’t have to.
Because we know retailers attitudes so well, we understand what motivates and excites them.
Each team member has a minimum of 5 years’ experience in FMCG. They are equipped with the latest technology and trained in strong proven processes designed to keep you informed.
They act as an extension of your own team and promote brand values and sales objectives.
Essentially they drive sales, provide real time intelligence, merchandise, implement promotions and provide photographic evidence of brand presence and competitor activity.
Their competitive edge is delivered through excellent retailer relationships and their knowledge of retail partners operations and key people.